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Q) Which field appears when report is created with report wizard

a)all fields            b)selected fields             c)Related fields                                 d)all of the above

Q)Which chart will show the nominal Data series..

a)pie     b)bar     c)line     d)column

Q)How do you insert a new column?

a)Format/column            b)Insert/column               c)Edit column                     d)Tools/column

Q)Which is not sending message form word?

a)mail recipient                 b)fax recipient                 c)internet explorer         d)PowerPoint

Q) Modem is used for ..

a)data transfer                  b)Internet connect         c)Email connect                d)None of the above

Q)The ….determines when a page should be brought into the memory

a)Replacement policy    B)Placement policy         c)Resident set management       d)Fetch policy

Q)A  form is used to collect data in structure manner for entry to database is…

a) System flow chart       B)Database design form               c)Data capture form       d)none of these

Q)For batch and payroll application which of the following file organization is better..

a)Sequential file              B)indexed file                    c)hashed file      d)random file

Q)Which program is run by BIOS to check hardware component are working properly with computer turned on?

a)POST                 B)DMOS               c)RIP                      d)CMOS

Q)RAM is also called as…

a)Read/Write Memory                                 b)Long memory                                c)Permanent Memory   d)Primary memory

Q)The …folder is the default place that most applications want to store data files in …

a)My document               B)Program files                                 c)Recycle bin      d)start menu

Q)To autofit the  width of column…

a)Double click the left border of column                                b)Double click the column header

c)Double click the right boarder of column header          d)All of the above

Q)Which of the following option is not available in Paste Special dialog box?

a)Add                    b)Subtract           c)Divide                d)SQRT

Q)Which of the following is not valid version of MS Office?

a)office XP          b)Office Vista    c)Office 2007      d)none of the above

Q)Which is the combination of characters and paragraph formatting ?

a)Style                 b)Theme             c)Auto format                   d)Paragraph

Q)Why header and footer used in Microsoft word document?

a)To enhance the overall appearance of the document

B)To mark the starting of the page

c)To make large document more readable

d)To allow page header and footer to appear on document when it is printed

Q)Which mode loads minimal set of drivers when starting windows?

a)Safe mode      b)Normal Mode                               c)VGA Mode                      d)Network support Mode

Q)The format dddd in date will display…

a)Sund                  b)sun                    c)Sunday             d)none of the above

Q)Which of the following is not a valid data type in Excel?

a)Number           b)Hyperlink       c)Label                  d)Date/Time

Q)The formula uses its own reference is called…

a)Absolute reference    b)Mixed reference         c)External reference      d)Circular reference

Q)Which is not tool for what -if analysis?

a)Table                                 b)Goal  seek       c)Pivot table      d)Scenario

Q)The shortcut key define name is …

a)Ctrl+F2              b)Ctrl+F3             c)Ctrl+F4              d)Ctrl+F9

Q)How many options is display in power point starting?

a)2          b)4         c)3          d)5

Q)Which number system is usually followed in typical 32 bit computer?

a)2          b)8         c)10        d)16

Q) Which tool you will use to join  some cells and place the content at the middle of joined cell?

a)From format cells dialog box click on merge cells check box

b)From format cells dialog box select the centered alignment

c)From format cells dialog box choose merge and center check box

d)Click on merge and center tool on formatting toolbar

Q)Tab scroll buttons are placed on excel screen…

a)Towards the bottom right corner          b)Towards the bottom left corner

c)Towards the top right corner                  d)Towards the top left corner

Q)<TD>…</TD> tag  is used for …

a)Table row        b)Table record                  c)Table heading                d) none

Q)What  can be considered as basic building blocks of a digital circuit?

a)CMOS               b)semi conductor            c)Diode                                d)Logic Gate

Q)Which command is used to establish a link between  a source document and  a destination document?

a)Edit,Paste Special        b)Tools, Link       c)Tool,link,documents   d)Edit,link

Q)A default header and footer is shown in…

a)Every sheet    b)Alternate sheet            c)Current sheet                                d)None

Q)The scroll box on the vertical scroll bar indicates the…

a)Position of the insertion point from the top of the page

b)distance of the insertion point from the left margin

c)Current relative location of the document portion displayed in the window

d)rank of the world in which  the insertion point is found.

Q)A system program that combines the separately compiled modules of a program into a form suitable for execution…

a)load and go     b)assembler       c)linking loader                                d)cross compiler

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