Computer Operator MCQ| Confusion Questions Collection

MCQ Sets

Q) form and report is called…

a)Column            b)Field  c)Object               d)Record

Q) What is the maximum size in Ms-Access?

a)1GB    b)1.2 GB               c)1.4GB                                d)2GB

Q)Which one is easily translation?

a)Win 95 to 98                   b)Win NT to 98                 c)Win 2000 to 98               d)Win 95 to 3.1

Q) which standard is used for converting the keystroke into the corresponding bits?

a)ASCII                                 b)EBCDIC             c)ANSI                  d)ISOS

Q)The following are components  of a database except…

a)user data         b)Metadata        c)Reports            d)indexes

Q)Tools which help to ensure that data can be made available from another part if there is some error is knon as …

a)Backup             b)Defragmentation         c)Format              d)Scandisk

Q)Which of the following valid filter in MS-Excel…

a) Auto filter      b) Advanced filter           c) Both of the above      d) None

Q)What is the name of the excel file?

a)Workbook      b)Worksheet     c)Spread sheet                 d)Spread book

Q)To add effect to the object…

a)slide transition

b)Custom animation

c)Slide sorter view

d)none of the above

Q)To modify the data type by ….

a)Table design view

b)Datasheet view

c)Open mode


Q) Which switch will be used in DIR to see a screen full contents of disk at a time?

a) /p      b)/w      c)/s        d)/b

Q) The most of the input devices consist ….for signal conversion.

 a)Encoder          b)Diskcomp       c)Modem           d)none

Q)Which is an internal command ?

a)Label                 b)Mem                 c)Path  d)sys 

Q) Risk analysis of a project is done in …

a)System analysis phase                               b) Feasibility study         c)Implementation phase   d)Maintenance Phase

Q. What type of chart is useful for comparing values over categories ?

A. Pie Chart

B. Column Chart

C. Line Chart

D. Dot Graph

Q)Which of the following is not a type of MS access database object?

a)Table                                b)form                 c)Worksheet     d)Modules

Q) Which of  the following can be a software?

a)router               b)firewall            c)gateway           d)modem

Q) Processor’s speed of a computer is measured in

A) Hertz               B) Baud                C) MIPS                                D) BPS                 

Q)In Ms word, if you check the spelling from where word check the error…

a)From top of the document

b)From the insertion point

c)Button of the document

d)None of the above    

Q)How many different positions can you set for drop cap?

a)1          b)2         c)4          d)6                                        

Q)If the number of columns is selected 1 and the line between check box is marked, where is the line drawn?

a)in the left margin

b)in the right margin

c)both in left and right margin

d)none of the above

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