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Q) Which of the following is a read only memory storage device?

a)compact disk                 b)Magnetic tape              c)Floppy disk      d)hard disk

Q)How to select one hyperlink after another during a slide presentation?

a)Ctrl+d                                b)ctrl+h                                c)ctrl+k                 d)Tab

Q)In MS-Word, to view smaller text on the screen, you can

a)decrease the editing percentage                          b)decrease  the view percentage

c)increase the editing percentage                            d)increase the view percentage

Q)The function is used to replace existing text with the new text?

a)substitute       b)string                c)replace             d)substring

Q)Which of the following software can not be used removing computer virus?

a)CHKDSK           b)Kaspersky       c)NOD                   d)AVG

Q)Tab scrolling  button…

a)allow  you to view a different worksheet

b)allow you to view additional worksheet columns to the right

c)allow you to  view additional sheet tabs

d)allow you to view a  additional worksheet rows down

Q) In which view header and footer are visible ?

a)Draft view       b)Print Layout View       c)Normal view                   d)Page Layout view

Q) Which of the following items is not used in LAN?

a)Printer              b)Computer       c)Cable                                 d)Modem

Q)Which of the following HTML tag has an attribute called frame?

a)<input>            b)<table>            c)<form>             d)<frameset>

Q)Using only HTML  ,we can create..

a)Static web pages          b)Dynamic web pages   c)both a and b   d)none of  the above

Q)Which of the following should you do to bring a bullet back to  a previous level?

a)press Tab key                                b)press shift+tab keys                   c)press shift key                               d)press enter key

Q) To make file in MS DOS we need command …

a)MD                     b)Copy Con                        c)Copy                  d)Make file

Q)Data definition language (DDL) includes…

a)Creating table                               b)Select Query                  c)Data insert      d)All of the above

Q)Which command is used to display a list of deleted files that DOS can undeleted?

a)undelete *.*                  b)undeleted/list              c)undeleted /all                                d)none

Q)Which shortcut keys you will use to select all the text current cursor position in MS Word?

a)shift+end        b)ctrl+shift+end                              c)ctrl+end           d)ctrl+shift+pagedown

Q)A  set of possible data values is called…

a)attribute          b)degree             c)tuple                  d)domain

Q)From can be made form…

a)table and queries        b)table only        c)table and report           d)report and queries

Q)In goal seek, the ‘by changing cell ‘ refers to the cell?

a)containing the outcome formula

b)containing the constraints

c)that you are attempting to calculate

d)containing the target value


a)count all cell                   b)count all empty cell     c)count all non empty cell            d)counts numeric cell

Q)The number of bits  that a computer can process at a time in parallel is called…

a)Word length                  b)Speed               c)Accuracy          d)Diligence

Q)The average time necessary for the correct sector of a disk to arrive at the read-write head is …

a)seek time        b)Access time    c)Down time      d)Rotational delay

Q)Replaces part of text string with another…

a)Replace()                        b)substitute()                                    c)find()                 d)all

Q) insert current date that is updatable..

a)today();            b)now()                               c)ctrl+;                  d)both a and c

Q)Which view display slides in reduced size on the screen with slide number?

a)outline view                   b)slideshow view             c)slide sorter view          d)note page view

Q)full form of  SOPA?…Simple Object Access protocol

Q)Where can you find the horizontal split bar?

a)On the left of horizontal scroll bar                        b)On the right horizontal scroll bar

c)On the top of vertical scroll bar                             d)On the bottom of vertical scroll bar

Q)In an ER model,…. is describe in the database by storing its data.

a)Entity                                b)Attribute         c)Relationship                   d)Notation

Q)The fancy type letters will be generated by…

a)Draw art           b)Smart art         c)Word art          d)none

Q)Which will allow you to copy the styles, macros, auto text entries or toolbars form one document to another?

a)Template         b)wizard              c)Organizer        d)Auto format

Q)Which menu provides the Drop Caps option?

a)insert                                b)Format             c)Tools                  d)view

Q)What are the three options available in insert>>picture menu?

a)clipart, from file,  autoshapes                                b)clipart, Pictures,  Autoshapes

c)Clipart, From file,  Shapes                         d)Clipart, Picture, Shapes

Q)In database table , the category of information is called…

a)Field                  b)Record             c)Tuple                 d)All

Q)To display hyperlink fields in a word  document, you can press the …

a)ctrl+shift+f9                   b)ctrl+alt              c)shift+f9            d)none

Q)Which view can not display graphic?

a)Print layout     b)Normal            c)Print preview                 d)none

Q)Which of the following is the second step In creating a macro?

a)Assign a keyboard shortcut to the macro

b)using your mouse or keyboard, perform the  task you want to automate

c)start recording

d)Give the macro name

Q)If you want current date/time and slide number to appear on every slide of the presentation, you should include it on …

a)header  and footer      b)Design template          c)Slide master   d)Design Master

Q)Which standard is used for converting the keystroke into the corresponding bits?

a)ASCII                 b)EBCDIC             C)ANSI                  d)ISO

Q)Which option is not available  is shout down dialog box?

a)stand by                           b)Shut Down     c)Restart              d)Restart in MS-Dos mode

Q)In excel ….may not contain in formula

a)Text constant                                b)Number constant        c)Circular Reference      d)all of them

Q)Start new line in same paragraph..

a)Enter                                 b)ctrl+enter       c)shift +enter    d)all

 Q)What are the basic elements of  form or a report?

a)controls           b)objects             c)windows          d)properties

Q)In which of the following dialog box you can set certain indentation and spacing?

a)page setup     b)paragraph       c)page                  d)selection

Q)When you link data maintained in excel workbook to a word document…

a)The word document contains a copy of the actual data

b)The word document cannot be edited

c)The word document must contain a hyperlink

d)The word document contains a reference to the original source application.

Q)The register which contain the data to be written into or read out of the addressed location is known as…

a)index register                                b)memory data register                              

c)memory address register         d)program counter

Q)Which  command is used to display file and directory names without size, date and time information?

a)DIR/B                                B)DIR/W              C)DIR A:               D)DIR/S

Q)The complete  information about an entity in a database  is called…

a)data                   b)information                    c)field                   d)record

Q)Which bar is used to draw your own picture  in ms-word?(word 2003)

a)Drawing toolbar           b)autoshape toolbar      c)picture toolbar              d)outline toolbar

Q)Which is not a data source component ?

a)data records                   b)mail merge toolbar    c)header row                     d)data fields

Q)Which of the following network topologies can be considered  as multipoint topology?

a)star                    b)Bus                    c)Mesh                 d)Ring

Q) Highly successful minicomputer was…

a)12 bit PDP-8   b)PDP-1               c)13-bit TX-0       d)IBM aix

Q) In computer CCD stands for…

a) Chapacitor charging device     b) Cpacitor- capcaitro drain          c)Charged-capacitor device         d)Charged-Couple device

Q) How do you keep boarder in excel?

a)click to boarder button in standard toolbar.

b)Edit->cells->border page tab

c)Format ->cells ->border page tab

d) All of the above

Q) Which is not internal command?

a)Copy con b)Copy c)Dir/p d)Chkdsk

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